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Creasing Matrix

We supply 2 types of Creasing Matrix’s.

Our Creasing Matrix has a specially formulated high quality adhesive as well as being manufactured from our high impact plastic. This allows for great durability and stability as well as always giving maximum impressions.

Both the Phoenix and Ultra-SR can be supplied as centre, off-centre and doubles

The Phoenix Creasing Matrix is Ultra thin polyester based product, it utilises high quality, high tech materials and adhesives to produce a premium creasing system at a cost effective price.

Our Ultra-SR product is our alternative for the steel based creasing matrix, with the same thickness as its steel counterpart, it is fully compatible with dies made specifically for steel based Matrix.

Supporting Products

  • Super shim tape plus – made from a hardened stainless steel, which will not compress and provides great durability.
  • Handheld Matrix Cutter – The Handheld Matrix cutter with an accurate 45° mitred angle. This cutter can be used on all different widths of matrix base from 5-15mm with or without fingerlife tape.
  • Platen Scraper and spare blades – The platen scraper to remove any glues or adhesive build up on your dies.