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Cutting Sticks

Vision Clear V2 (Version 2) Guillotine Cutting sticks.

Cutting sticks are an essential part of the whole cutting system. The lifetime of the knife can be greatly influenced by choosing the right or wrong stick.

Vision Clear V2 sticks are suitable for all types and materials of guillotine blades including High Speed Steel and Tungsten Carbide tipped.  Vision Clear Sticks & guillotine blades

On the market there are many colours and variations but the critical factor is the original material and hardness of the stick.

With this in mind we have now introduced our Vision Clear V2 brand to give maximum knife and stick performance.

The benefits are reduced cutting stick contamination and longer blade and stick life. Contact us with any queries for a speedy response!

Optimum setting.

The optimum cutting sticks depth is 0.10mm anything more will lead to premature blade life.

Nylon sticks for high performance trimmers.

Our Nylon range of sticks has two standards:Nylon Sticks and guillotine blades

Standard and Premium.

Our Standard range of Nylon sticks are extruded meaning with a hole and are the cheaper Nylon stick in the market.

Premium sticks are made from solid Nylon and give longer life between turns and extend blade life.

Standard and Premium sticks are driven by the market and at Blade Runner we aim to offer our customers what they request. Contact us with any queries for a speedy response!

General Cutting sticks

At Blade Runner we aim to meet the demands of our customers and should you have a requirement for a different colour then we will be able to accommodate it.