Sharpening & Precision Grinding

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Sharpening & Precision Grinding

Blade Runner’s expert sharpening service is available for Straight and Circular cutting tools.  Specialist Gockel grinding machines keep our customers cutting and a regular weekly collection and delivery service gives reliability and ease.

Blade Runner does more than just collect blunt things and deliver back sharp things!  We are passionate about what we do and want to achieve the very best results for our customers.

Please see below for the services we can provide.  Make sure to contact us with any queries for a speedy response

Straight Knives

At Blade Runner we have continued to invest in the latest equipment making sure the blades that come off our machines have the tightest tolerances with the best finish.  As specialists in the grinding of Tungsten Carbide our state of the art equipment keeps us one step ahead of our competitors in terms quality, performance and troubleshooting.

Our technicians are highly trained and understand the complexities of the machine knife and can troubleshoot cutting problems on e.g. Guillotine/Binder/Trimmer/Shear/Granulator etc. blades.

There is a rigorous 12 step quality control for incoming and outgoing blades, ensuring high standards at all times.

Circular Knives

Blade Runner specialises in the grinding of all types of Circular blades in all materials reaching tight tolerances in flatness and concentricity.

We grind all materials including Tungsten Carbide and maintain exact specifications with a very high surface finish.

We understand incorrect blade geometry leads to poor slit quality.  Our technicians have an understanding of bevel types, widths and surface finishes to make sure Slit quality is the very best.

Ram Punches and Dies

Blade Runner is a specialist company in the servicing and supply of Punches and dies.  These products require skilled regrinding and many of the tasks are done by hand.

Creating perfect edges takes a wealth of experience, with an excellent understanding of edge geometry. We sharpen all blade shapes made from all types of materials including Tungsten tipped with the highest degree of accuracy.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

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